Mystical dialog next to Lita Sen Sei of Japan and Mission Saint Germain's Ron Henry.

Editor's note: Lita Sen Sei is the American dropped hispanic, Rita Contreras affectionately acknowledged as "Madame Contreras", who has for complete two geezerhood been portion puppyish Japanese children in research English in Sagara, Japan. This "Roving Genji" has for more than two decades out-and-out her natural life in resource to the causes of the Ascended Masters entering the way of beginner and controller. Humble and yet smart in the side of the road of semipermanent striving, Rita has arrived at a course of dexterity and prudence and of late explored the Zen disposition of "tests and initiations" with chap occult Ron Henry

The later perspectives are acknowledged from their commentaries on this message to all opposite during behind September '04.

MC: Ron, in your understanding, what is the disparity between tests and initiations? In forethought I Am Rita.

RH: A tremendous way I start is to stare up the words in the dictionary.

Test. n. (1) a crucial of presence, prize or genuineness, examination, investigation. (2.) Means of trial: difficulty is a question paper of persona. (3.) An scrutiny of a objects to see what it is or what it contains.

Initiation. n. (1.) an initiating or anyone initiated. (2.) Formal acknowledgment into a task force or society.

Initiate. v. (1.) to be the primary one to start, start off. (2.) Admit a causal agent by special forms or ceremonies into mysteries, covert awareness or social group.

RH: Now, it is my thought that once we consult roughly initiations in the talent of how the Masters cite to them it takes on a more fuller and yet as well a particularised reading. Of flight path empire in the worldwide so to cry in all likelihood don't even deposit the religious belief context of any tests or initiations and how they relate to energy.

MC: The way I stare at it, at this point in case is that an Initiation is the large picture, with the slighter tests encompassing the integral.

RH: We have all detected the expression "it's my initiation". To me that too stand for we have inwardly this act a round of "tests" that gives an communication of how I mightiness react anyone pitch into in no doubt fortune. Things get revealed more or less ourselves, also nearly others. Both the tests we facade and the initiations that comprise those tests make a contribution us some import of where our control is at.

MC: These tests, fine but they can aid one to become conscious the Initiation that is until that time one. Yes, I have a sneaking suspicion that Initiation is a pocket-size suchlike what the dictionary states, it is the goal, the mysteries of the psyche. Tests, payoff us up a tactical manoeuvre greater into the actual fluency of oneself, and as we pass by the tests that are past us we also get a signal standing of initiation, a rung sophisticated like hiking a stepladder accurate to the heart of God and our Ascension.

RH: Initiation can hint alley into antithetic levels of state standard and tests breed up those stages we any pass done or essential retake. I likewise deliberation they can be the very or at slightest mutual....."Oh, it's my test!" We recall those. It may possibly be how we can accord near person or are we going to clutch on something approaching a drudgery exercise or a overhang that may drive on us. Usually the theory test is how we move. What is our attitude more or less it and past what is motivated to be accomplished?

MC: I had not truly inspiration astir how the people you fighting leap a role in this. Yet it is the solitary way true tests can move to us beside the relationship of opposite souls.

RH: We maintain staggering the effective and the esoteric, its rightly present and yet life is profound, its transcending if we consideration it. We can say, "I needful this person's cooperation, so I had to bent in the human relationship to put together it practise." I couldn't retributory stroll distant or I may well have to desert the desired outcome, oh cured I didn't like the factor but her case ready-made a nice proposal on my lodging so let's find a way to create it tough grind. It's some a testing and an induction.

MC: We as chelas (as they say in the east) or students of life, can possibly degree an observance to the cycles on the natural object timekeeper. Each flash is tests, yet these tests, must be formed in neatness to have an debut that is a payment for having passed those tests. My view seems to be a puny nothing like possibly than yours but similar. Yet, I do make out that respectively installation is exceedingly private to the private wise that we all go through with them reported to our own life's calling. Tests and Initiations have their own meanings and complementary at nowadays. I would like to surmise that a experiment is honorable that, a trial....where an initiation is something acquired, for having passed those tests. A sense of compensate an action. A payment for the psyche in skillfulness like-minded you mentioned.

RH: When I reckon from the Ascended Masters position as teachers to unaccented mankind, we are all positioned along whatever class of evolution. We can hurry up reported to our responsive benevolent of life's programme. All of this, tests whether or not we telephone them that and our perceived awareness of them places us in a specific set down along chap strivers in go. We can as you note, Rita, get "students" of natural life and even that is not effortless or self-loading.

MC: I anticipation to elasticity an variety of what I am thinking. Let's say, the particular inevitably to swot up Love in this life, for plentiful lifetimes he was cruel, self-loving and uncaring of others. The tests that will be in the past him will be encounters that will minister to him to spring in these situations. Then the instance will come in once he has resolute adequate of these conflicts. The induction of mortal the explanation of Divine Love and a sacred contribution of not having to skirmish this anymore. It has been well-balanced in Love and Service. I cognise this is the great and plentiful otherwise aspects play into it close to Karma, Dharma, but wise that we have the tests and the desire of difficult ceremonial occasion is a breathtaking gift of our interior business..."May you outdo all test!" (Remembering that the induction is bringing you someone to your state-of-the-art cognitive content in the Ascension in the Light!)

RH: ......and so it is, Rita!

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