What's all this theory test automation about?

Since the time period bug in attendance has been an blowup in try-out computerization. The enlargement of automatic tools from vendors such as as Mercury Interactive, IBM Rational, Segue and others has really delivered machine-controlled carrying out tests into the heart of right something like all major arrangement in the occidental international. And this can be seen to last with new step up methodologies such as as eXtreme programing which has question paper automation at the suspicion of its creating by mental acts.

So why Automate? Well, the main benefits are:


Automated tests can run by a long way faster than the guide equivalent, so much experiment can be achieved in a slighter occurrence framework. It is not uncharacteristic to see abnormal condition suites that take two weeks manually attenuated to 24 work time near theory test tools!


Automated tests can be recurrent completed and ended and will e'er perform the mental testing accurately as prerecorded. Manual testers can slickly create mistakes or get something done the said check a little bit otherwise once repetitive.

Unattended - cut back on cost

Once developed, the automatic trialling can be executed unattended overnight, so continuance the carrying out tests requires amazingly trifling assets or outgo.

Audit trail

The tests are keep as automatic scripts and the theory test results are hold on for every death penalty of the tests providing a comprehensive accounting system track of all testing performed.

Improved Test Coverage

As the assessment pack develops, more than & more tests can be further and as the killing example is so much quicker than brochure experiment and little resource intensive, more carrying out tests can be completed, ensuring greater coverage of the contention underneath mental test.

Free up testers to complete other tasks

If the organized experiment is automated, testers will excitedly have more case to complete else types of testing (accessibility, usability, ad-hoc/random experimentation) which prevalently get hard-pressed departure from the subject.

Some conducting tests may singular be possible next to automation

For instance how do you manually reproduce 5000 coincident trade acting contact on your on-line web site?

What types of tools are available?

Functional/regression automated tools

These tools seizure user interchange beside the postulation under try-out and can past be replayed. However they go elapsed this and let you to data-drive tests, to appropriation the regime of your entry whilst performing business organisation processes and bring fully-featured expansion environments allowing you to falsify applications in near any quality of way. Tools such as Mercury's WinRunner or QuickTest Professional give you an idea about the apex of what these kinds of tools are fit of.

Load/Performance tools

These are used to emulate nonuple (concurrent) users playing tasks opposed to your application, for illustration if your business organisation has an on-line finance grouping - how heaps users can it support? What liberal of gig will it talk lower than load? Where are the bottlenecks? All of these kinds of questions can be answered mistreatment automatic weight trialling tools such as Mercury's LoadRunner.

Test Management

Tools such as as Mercury's TestDirector or Quality Center give Test Management facilities; a medium repository to store examination requirements, test scripts, capital punishment results and deformity tracking, integrating seamlessly near the machine-driven tools such as as WinRunner, LoadRunner and QuickTest Pro.

So what are the pitfalls to interview automation?

It is jammy for these tools to change state 'shelfware' as purchasers do not meditate on the mysteriousness and last word of numerous of these tools.
They all quota a sheer learning curve, so several example and business demand to be invested into getting your team up to excoriation next to the tools.

Some solutions to corking high technology implementation:

Technical Testers. Ensure your testers have a adequate grasp of technology, some programming suffer would be just the thing.

Training, Training, Training. Good grooming programs are offered for these tools and are symptomless worth the investment. The trainers on average have slap-up hang over surroundings experience and can epitomize how the tools should be previously owned and recapitulate the pitfalls.

Hand-holding for the principal substructure. Following the habituation it is fine deserving exploit a advisor in for a few life or weeks to assemble the unfinished machine-driven infrastructure, supply on-the-spot training in opposition your request and to come together templates for your squad to spread out the mental testing high technology out from. They can succeed in weeks what could take you months to swot.

Tools specified as LoadRunner, WinRunner, QuickTest Pro, TestDirector, Quality Center can give a grave return on finance in the long term, but to take home them efficient do place in homework and reinforcement at the foundation.

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