With the proliferation of pocket-sized physics devices, such as as USB flash drives (also identified as thumb-drives and memory sticks), it has go more and more strenuous to relay whose instrumentality belongs to whom. Rather than cork each thrust in to cheque the contents, why not convincingly mark your actuation so that no alarm arises to instigate with? Crafters ever suchlike to alter their own space, swing new or quaint occupation materials to new uses. Make your high-tech tendency a testimonial of your creativity.

The topping 3-D silky ink pens available from Sakura of America are just right for count patterned touches to USB flash drives, compartment phones, PDAs, even laptops. The ink dries quickly, disappearing a upraised embossed-like smooth surface. The flag are see-through but truly clear. Sakura even produces stickers to accompany the pens, but it's elementary ample to designing in need stickers.

Armed next to simply a few glaze 3-D ink pens, a mini stamp, line of work ink (and cleansing agent), any natural philosophy implement can be personalized to be well stippled in a thronged legroom.

Here is a sudden and uncomplicated way to individualize your USB flash drive, compartment phone, portable computer - you identify it!

Supplies needed:

  • Mini Stamp
  • Craft Ink
  • Craft Ink Cleaner
  • Glaze ink pens

Stamp on the propulsion. While allowing the occupation ink to dry (do not warmness set as this may mischief the plastic skin and electronic equipment) brush the mark. Color in and in circles the stamped carving beside the stain pens. When the glaze pen is most basic used, in attendance is a midget "cap" on the tip. Pull this cap off. To use the ink, terribly sympathetically touch the tip to the surface to be bay and duck the pen in a hardly visible bulbous occurrence. This will good outer garment the grade-constructed lacking effort streaks. When afterward victimization the glaze pen, surge the pen tip at a 45-degree space on whichever score unreal or insubstantial towel to uproot any excess, gluey ink. This will relief the ink move for glossy contention.

Try the very technique on your cell telephone set. Why devote the funds on routine covers once you can have a really personal cell phone box case?

When selecting polish or gel pens for use on natural philosophy cases, draft the business enterprise to corroborate it is out of danger for use on plastic and metallic. Do not steam set line projects on electronics, hang around for the ink to dry easily. Heat setting can make worse the plastic jacket or the natural philosophy electronic equipment of the implement.

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