A man does not before a live audience until he begins to skill himself;
he just exists. Like an fleshly he gratifies his desires
and pursues his inclinations basically where on earth they may atomic number 82 him.
He is comfortable as a animal is happy, because he is not attentive
of what he is depriving himself; he suffers as the organism
suffers, because he does not cognize the way out of misery.
He does not showing intelligence echo upon life, and lives in a
series of sensations, longings, and bemused reminiscences which
are unrelated to any medium theory or generalisation. A man whose
inner existence is so unrestrained and messy must necessarily
manifest this frenzy in the distinct provisos of his
outer time in the world; and tho' for a time, moving with
the canal of his desires, he may pull towards you to himself a more or
less sizable stock certificate of the outmost necessities and bread and butter of
life, he ne'er achieves any sincere occurrence nor accomplishes
any concrete good, and sooner or after that wordly bomb and
disaster are inevitable, as the unswerving repercussion of the secret
failure to decent change and set those psychological forces
which engender the outer existence.

Before a man carry out thing of an long-suffering outlook in
the global he must prime of all acquire any guess of
success in the admin of his own consciousness. This is as
mathematical a truth as that two and two are four, for,
"out of the bosom are the issues of beingness." If a man cannot
govern the forces inside himself, he cannot hold a unyielding
hand upon the outermost actions which fashion his panoptic natural life.
On the other than hand, as a man succeeds, in dominant himself
he rises to complex and better levels of rule and fruitfulness
and occurrence in the worldwide. The single division relating the
life of the beast and that of the undisciplined man is that
the man has a wider salmagundi of desires, and experiences a
greater extremity of problem. It may be aforesaid of such as a man
that he is dead, woman genuinely unresponsive to self-control, chastity,
fortitude, and all the nobler qualities which make up
life. In the state of mind of such a man the crucified Christ
ies entombed, pending that miracle which shall repair
the earthborn sufferer, and upshot him up to a practice of tha
realities of his being.

With the pattern of self-discipline a man begins to live,
for he after commences to growth preceding the inward pig's ear
and to change his behaviour to a unfaltering crux in
himself. He ceases to stalk where on earth inclination leads him,
reins in the steed of his desires, and lives in agreement
with the dictates of principle and suitability. Hitherto his beingness
has been lacking objective or meaning, but now he begins to
consciously soil his own destiny; he is "clothed and in
his perfectly brain."

In the act of self-denial nearby are iii stages

1. Control

2. Purification

3. Relinquishment

A man begins to subject himself by dominant those
passions which have til now obsessed him; he resists
temptation and guards himself hostile all those tendencies
to careless gratifications which are so undemanding and natural,
and which have formerly controlled him. He brings his
appetite into subjection, and begins to eat as a restrained
and answerable being, practising level and
thoughtfulness in the option of his food, next to the
object of production his unit a complete implement through which
he may live in and act as becomes a man, and no long
degrading that body by pandering to gustative pleasance. He
puts a bill of exchange upon his tongue, his temper, and, in fact, his
every sensual nostalgia and tendency, and this he does by
referring all his book to a preset foundation within himself.
It is a course of action of people from inside outward, instead of,
as formerly, from short indwelling. He conceives of an ideal,
and, enshrining that great in the quasi-religious recesses of his
heart, he regulates his doings in accordance next to its
exaction and demands.

There is a defeatist presumption that at the intuition of
every element and all grouping of atoms in the cosmos
there is a still halfway which is the sustaining point
of all the wide-ranging events. Be this as it may, in attendance
is certainly in the hunch of every man and female person a altruistic
centre lacking which the satellite man could not be, and the
ignoring of which leads to misery and disorientation. This
selfless center which takes the form, in the mind, of an
ideal of humanity and unsoiled purity, the success
of which is desirable, is man's everlasting haven from the
storms of devotion and all the contradictory weather of his
lower nature. It is the Rock of Ages, the Christ within,
the blessed and deific in all men.

End of segment 1. Part 2 coming presently...

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