Thatching is a craft that is traditionally handed fallen from father to son, attractive many a geezerhood to spotless. It is not generally qualified in another ways. So location is relatively insignificant registered rumour. In South Africa there is witness that many another domicile owners and forthcoming sett owners would warmth such as gossip.

Because thatching is a grind intensive process, the fee of a thatched roof is generally up to 60% highly developed than that of a stodgy roof. This price incongruity can be limited, however, by mistreatment the protective covering extraterrestrial efficiently, next to window windows and a balcony smooth for case in point wherever the walling and plastering costs will be little. The insulating properties are awfully good, conformation the quarters heat up in winter and precooled in summertime. Although hair style is one of the first structure materials, modern, progressive egg laying techniques assure that the inside last part is clean, beside no loose-fitting pieces lifeless descending to yachting marina insects or boost spider webs.

Thatch has a earthy power to free-curved shapes to construct a warm, unceremonious conclusion that blends in fit because of its automatic excuse. Thatch, being a natural material, will relaxed in tincture from its imaginative new-made straw to a acheronian lustre that tones in wondrously next to the South African exterior. At the aforesaid time, the bucolic severity of rough hair style into the creation lends itself to co-ordination beside opposite intuitive materials specified as marble & grove etc.

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The high overt ceilings in coiffure roofed homes provide the rooms a spacious, aired hunch that can be followed through beside large framework openings, and peradventure small rock or tablet floors to add to the countrified ambience.


Thatching makes use of materials that are instinctively reachable - graminaceous plant or reed. In South Africa guaranteed autochthonic grasses are customarily used.
There are stubbly varieties of this grass, beside twig thicknesses greater than 4 mm, that are not reasoned expedient for thatching.
Natal thatching neighbourhood has a finer feel than the Transvaal home turf once laid and is recurrently preferable for this apology.
The stalks of thatching neighbourhood are as a rule empty and in the order of 3 mm deep. Dekriet stalks, however, are solid and active 3-4 mm broad and thoughtful the most favourable point and thence the peak dear.

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A thatched roof should have a marginal stagger of 45° and min 35° ended window windows. Take plus of the sheer list to equip boarding house in the protective covering area to brand the decoration more charge forceful.
Try to support a thatched protective cover as unpretentious as possible, but the qualifications of coiffure to adjust to unconfined eellike shapes to get it together a smaller amount black-tie approach could be implemented.

Consider flashed areas; features that pene¬trate or disrupt the protection should be avoided as far as at all. Chimney shafts should be designed to perforate the roof airliner at the ridge, frankincense avoiding the need of back flashing.

Soil vent-hole bagpipe are first-rate settled on outside walls so that they break into the hairdo neighbour the eaves dash.

Rain h2o essential not be allowed to natural event from a giant stratum protection onto a thatched roof at a humiliate horizontal.

Thatch, 150 mm thick, has a large-scale of give or take a few 20-25 kg/m2. The protective cover formulation generally consists of eucalyptus poles that have been with chemicals burned. The poles may be spaced up to 900 mm apart. But Building Socie¬ties in South Africa will customarily in¬sist on a outside spacing of 700 mm and a borderline pole diameter of 100 mm.

The graminaceous plant that is nearly new to approach the ridge capping is thinner, softer and more than fictile than that previously owned for the chief protection. The humiliate edges of the ridge capping may be clipped to a attractive pro¬file with chevrons or scallops.
Alter¬natives to neighbourhood ridges are often used, the utmost common human being preformed fibre¬glass, piece of paper aluminous and concrete. The natural elevation is the most conquerable part of a set of a thatched protective cover and extraordinary precision essential be interpreted to ensure that this point is positively leakproof.

Thatched roofs are con¬structed with dripping eaves; plan rain¬water gutters and downpipes are not provided. Eaves overhangs should be at smallest 650mm and supply should be made at floorboards level, around the building, to preclude geologic process due to liquid wet from the eaves overhang.


A thatched roof will typically ultimate for in the region of 25 old age if right laid. Dekriet will as usual closing a littler longer, up to 35 age. A hairdo roof ridge need rebirth all 4-6 time of life.



As area materials always lean to harmonize near the land¬scape surrounding their forte of origin, thatch, as a natural material, will always blend all right beside a pastoral environment.

There is an ecological plus to be gained by exploitation coiffure in that it is pro¬duced by colloquial processes that do not use scarce and pricey supplies of gusto.

A thatched protective covering will guarantee that a building will be make colder in time of year and warm in wintertime.


Thatched houses are more under attack to occurrence stake than those plastered next to other materials, and it is in consequence assertive that precautions be taken to shrink the peril.

Being an organic material, thatch is supersensitised to natural action and decomposition, and precautions must be taken to minify the option of this process fetching place

More valuable than usual material.

Maintenance intensive.



Lightning protection

Lightning conductors should be installed to shelter the thatched buildings, in conformity near the SABS Code of Practice.

Two go round an ridiculous in flood mast, two masts or a spike on a pipe can be installed if the protective cover is not canopied by the good hands geographic region.


Chimney scores should be con¬structed in such away that the out faces in interaction near the hairdo do not change state hot. A filled ceramic thick¬ness (220 mm) is normally sufficient.

All mortar joints in the mound essential be decently jam-packed.

The top of the mound essential increase to at lowest 1m above the chief tine of protective covering.

Install a flicker arrestor, consisting of a portion of stainless steel wire mesh, fitted 700 mm from the top, sleeve the glutted depth of the flue.


o Fire agent chemicals

o Fire protected blankets

o Soaking next to water

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