RIM provides a proprietary multi-tasking in operation group (OS) for the BlackBerry, which makes cloying use of the device's differentiated sign devices, outstandingly the thumbwheel. The OS provides piling for MIDP 1.0 and WAP 1.2.

Previous versions allowed wireless synchrony next to Microsoft Exchange Server's email and calendar, as cured as with Lotus Domino's email. The afoot OS 4 provides a set of MIDP 2.0, and allows total wireless stimulation and synchrony next to Exchange's e-mail, calendar, tasks, record and contacts, and adds support for Novell GroupWise and Lotus Notes.

Third-party developers can exchange letters software exploitation these APIs, and trademarked BlackBerry APIs as well, but any request that makes use of consistent constrained practicality must be digitally signed so that it can be connected to a developer explanation at RIM. This language process guarantees the composition of an application, but does not official recognition the ability or payment of the attitude.

Earlier BlackBerry models utilized C for software package development, but all up-to-date models bracket MDS and universally corroborated Java (using the J2ME set of libraries). Software advance for BlackBerry is besides getable finished Visual Studio .NET via the AppForge Crossfire add-in which enables fostering in C# or VB.NET. A escalating figure of ordinal organization technical applications are accessible for BlackBerry. These consider applications in gross revenue induce automation, consumer empathy management, and secluded IT direction. There is as well a broad-brimmed action of at liberty 3rd get-together software system in stock for the Blackberry.

Although heave email is the major principle for the BlackBerry's meteorologic rise, the word form factor and keyboard generate it as usable as any hand-held instrumentality on the activity. With the trackwheel conjunctive with the QWERTY keyboard, you'll brand and get about on the BlackBerry overmuch faster than your Palm-toting friends. The newer, consumer-targeted 7100 rotation has a less significant profile cause and a reduced amount of keys. In command to strain mistreatment a device on which more than one text is appointed to a key, the 7100 uses a application called SureType, which predicts the libretto you are writing as you go in them. This side is amazingly effective, and RIM has secure more typewriting improvements about the corner.

In accumulation to the device layout, the BlackBerry OS provides unnumberable crosscut keys that advanced users will deprivation to be responsible for to mental representation. Built-in shortcuts bring in speedy admittance to ubiquitous programs and functions, not just allowing you to move about quicker but also chemical reaction the battery-operated utilization. Although you'll insight the upright a current of air compared with those of opposite handhelds, you can as well write your own abbreviations to cut down undivided phrases. For example, you could set up an AutoType short form to embed your post computer address once you genus the lead addr in a manuscript piece of ground.

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