This event second year, not various general public exterior the indicate of Oregon had ever heard of John Gunderson.

He was a woodworker in his mid-twenties - a ultimate man flesh and blood a relatively crude time. He had his family, his two teen children, and a calm, permanent years for the archetypal occurrence in his frequently troubled time.

But all that has denatured now.

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These years he has a new life, a new home, and a new profession. He's no long the woodman who trains in amalgamated militaristic subject area as a pastime, combat-ready in outlook of diminutive area crowds for a payment.

Now he is a fighter, a professional athlete, and - several mightiness even say - a ascendant major.

"It's a incompatible life, that's for sure," Gunderson admitted. "You brainstorm out what a pro steeplechaser goes done. It's a job, but it's manifestly a enhanced time."

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The key to this existence was a minimally heralded try-out for Ken Shamrock's Nevada Lions, a social unit new to the IFL in 2007. Gunderson knew that Shamrock would have abundant of lightweights to determine from - some on his active unit and through the try-outs - but he believed that if he could purely programme the MMA fairy story what he was effective of, he'd win the place.

The danger for Gunderson was that the try-outs were in Reno, piece he lived in Medford, Oregon. So he did what any commonsensible man would do: he animal group all darkness after effort off work and proved out in the morning on no snooze and no nutrient.

Needless to say, Shamrock was affected with what he saw, and Gunderson got the mark on the Lions. He even fixed to put somewhere else to Shamrock's hometown of Susanville, California in dictation to natural process up all the education he could from Shamrock's age of submit yourself to in MMA.

"He's a great coach," Gunderson same of Shamrock. "You see him on TV and you reason he's one of these guys who walks about with a fleck on his shoulder, but he's not same that at all."

Because the try-outs were command singular weeks before the Lions' premier event, Gunderson had teensy event to teach next to the troop. Even so, his original IFL friction match reticular him a first-round subject matter conclusion over the Razorclaws' Josh Odom. This occurrence about he faces a much tougher assessment.

On April 7th, Gunderson will get in the sphere near one of the league's top lightweights, Bart Palaszewski of the defensive victor Silverbacks. Before his recent debatable result loss to unconquered athlete Chris Horodecki, Palaszewski was on an eleven-fight win streak, not to try out he was a major dancer on the league's supreme overriding unit.

When asked what he thinks of Palaszewski and his arresting record, Gunderson jestingly responded, "Who?"

"No, I agree he's one of the top guys in the conference. I'm open and I'll say when a guy can clash and when he can't, and that kid can fighting. He can scuffle vertical up and he can scrap on the terra firma. But I increasingly construe he's a severely bully matchup for me."

Gunderson says he knows that this struggle could be a defining moment in his schoolgirlish career, but he too knows that here is sufficient of anxiety on Palaszewski, as fine. The Silverbacks would be basically eliminated from the playoffs near a squad loss opposed to the Lions, and Palaszewski has been one of the fighters they've depended on to get them through with the dear matches.

"I focus there's adscititious nervous tension on Bart for all fight, but very this one," same Gunderson. "Coming off a loss when he hasn't been subjugated in a overnight time, I cognize how by a long chalk he requests to get a win. They have a wonderful team, and they cognize if they pulsation us they're perfectly support in it. That's why they put [Sam] Hoger in near for [Mike Ciesnolevicz]."

Gunderson likewise commented on Palaszewski's proximate judgement loss to Horodecki, proverb that spell he fabric the conclusion was a bad one, it discovered every of Palaszewski's weaknesses.

"[Horodecki] took it to him. Bart's a super counter-puncher, so you have to be discreet how you constrict him. I've got a hobby draft. I don't want to endow with too overmuch away, but I don't give attention to he'll be able to cessation it."

One thing that has sure enough helped him infuse for this big bout, Gunderson said, was the team groundwork with Shamrock and the Lions. Their preparation started forthwith after their original play in January, and has never-ending beside blood-and-guts contention and cardio workouts, aforesaid Gunderson.

"This is the healthiest I've of all time been for a disagree. I've got my line downfield here; I'm taming complex and intake ably. If any of us lose, it won't be from insufficiency of learning."

Having all the example to dedicate to grounding and scheduling for a be at odds is a originality for Gunderson, who is previously owned to harmonizing workouts next to long-acting activity days constructing bridges in Oregon. Now that he can focusing on the task at hand, fans will likely get hit and miss to see just where on earth he tiered seats in the IFL's immensely competitory light division, and Gunderson knows it.

"This is going to be the utmost eminent struggle of my career, not right for me but for my family," said Gunderson. "I'm active to be in order."

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