If you've made a Magic Square Talisman and you want to focus it's potency on yourself, you entail some way to correct the talisman to you. The Jewish Kabbala has a practice that complex good next to fashionable day Numerology Talismans; we can create a sigil of your identify.

Sigil - A Graph for your Name

A Sigil is a written drawing of your mark in coincidence near a Magic Square. It's created by original winning your name, and translating respectively dispatch into it's amount equivalent by determination it's plant in the alphabet, and later chemical reaction the whole by fadic tallying. Let's stare at an instance.

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Actor Johnny Depp's preliminary signature can be reborn to it's numerical identical in the succeeding steps.

(J) = (10th missive) = (10) = (1)

(O) = (15th reminder) = (15) = (1 5) = (6)

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(H) = (8th memo) = (8)

(N) = (14th textual matter) = (14) = (1 4) = (5)

(Y) = (25th message) = (2 5) = (7)

(Johnny) = (1 - 6 - 8 - 5 - 5 - 7)

Next, lets manifestation at a Square of Jupiter, a Magic Square talisman which gives power, prestige, and improves control skills. I've placed one to a lower place.

( 4 )( 14 )( 15 )( 1 )

( 9 )( 7 )( 6 )( 12 )

( 5 )( 11 )( 10 )( 8 )

( 16 )( 2 )( 3 )( 13 )

Drawing the Sigil

To game of chance Johnny Depp's sigil, we would primary breed a littlest sphere in the '1' square at the upper fitting appendage recess of the supernatural open space. This represents the 'J' at the opening of his mark. Next, we would pull towards you a diagonal vein from the '1' and ellipse circa the contained by of the '6' so that we can next carry on towards the figure '8'.

The result we poverty is a unremitting string drawn from the erstwhile letter's numeral nigh on the numeral of the existing letter, and consequently proceedings towards the number of the subsequent to document. Try to graphic egg laying out a string or yarn to go in the region of the numbers close to pegs in a gameboard.

When we come to a series wherever (2) ordered correspondence have the selfsame figure value, specified as the two (5) book of numbers for the twin 'N' in Johnny, we be a focus for a insignificant fractional band making a fillet factor same a written micro 'I' to imply that the procession has (2) points here.

Finally, when we come with to the ultimate letter's number, we end the line, and transverse the end beside a littler bar, approaching a assets 'T'. This marks the terminus in our Sigil.


Now, you have a method of graphically signing your pet name to a Magic Square. The Kabbalah teaches that you can use a sigil by itself, in need the very mall used to make it as a magical representation of soul in the swathe of time related next to the heavenly body of that market square. A sort of equivalence wizardly where some the point of reference person, and the field we impoverishment to feeling are clothed up in the identical simile.

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